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Unveil the secrets of the Guardian Angels

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You most likely know that you have a Guardian Angel, a being watching over you at all times… But do you really know his secrets? Discover how you can understand him and communicate with him right now. Where do the...

Angel advice: enjoy the moment

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You cannot change the past, but you can build the future. Between them, there is the present, the moment. This is where you should focus all your senses and attention. Happiness is found in the present The past should drive...

The mystery of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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They are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But we know so little about them that even the most passionate scholars are wondering whether these Gardens have actually existed, or if they might simply be the fruit...

Inspirational quote

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A subject being too hard or complex is no reason enough to neglect it! Alexis Carrel